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Louisiana Beanie Baby

Louisiana Beanie Baby
Louisiana Animal Details
Introduction Day:September 5, 2005
Retirement Day:May 24, 2006
Poem:(inside right) In memory of those who lost their homes, their loved ones, or their lives, as a result of Hurricane Katrina We extend our deepest sympathies Together we're a stronger nation On September 5, 2005, Ty announced three Beanie Babies in support of the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. They were initially offered for sale in the online Ty store, but were released to regular Ty retailers a few days later. The retail versions had different style numbers than the Ty store versions. The three Hurricane Katrina Beanie Baby bears are: Alabama (retail version, style 40318)andAlabama (Ty store version, style 44077) Louisiana (retail version, style 40319) andLouisiana (Ty store version 44078) Mississippi (retail version, style 40320)andMississippi (Ty store version 44079)
Additional Info:(inside left) A donation of $1 from Ty's original sale of this Beanie Baby will be made to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund
Value:Coming Soon!
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