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Princess Beanie Baby

Princess Beanie Baby
Princess Animal Details
Introduction Day:October 29, 1997
Retirement Day:April 13, 1999
Poem:Like an angel, she came from heaven above She shared her compassion, her pain, her love She only stayed with us long enough to teach The world to share, to give, to reach. All profits of Ty from this collectible will be donated to the DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES MEMORIAL FUND Note - see thein-depth article about Princessfor additional information on all of the swing and tush tags.
Additional Info:Princess was the first Beanie Baby used by Ty to raise funds for charity. The Princess Beanie Baby is frequently thought or even misrepresented to be very rare and valuable. It is not. Ty produced millions of Princess bears and even the "first editions" sell regularly on eBay for less than $50. For more information on Princess values on the secondary market and a look at the Princess production timeline, read ourPrincess Versions and Valuespage. COUNTERFEIT ALERT Counterfeit versions of Princess exist. Check for the following common indicators before purchasing this Beanie Baby: 1. The counterfeit Princess has a "made in China" no-space swing tag and a P.V.C. tush tag. 2. The fabric on a counterfeit Princess can be lighter or darker than the fabric on an authentic Princess, which makes it difficult to identify a counterfeit solely based on fabric color. 3. The fabric on many counterfeit Princess Beanie Babies looks more like flannel than the normal plush fabric used for Beanie Babies. 4. When you run your finger against the nap of the fabric on a counterfeit Princess, it feels rougher than the fabric of an authentic Beanie Baby. When brushing lightly back and forth across the fabric of an authentic Beanie Baby the fabric is smooth and gives little resistance. 5. The neck ribbon of a counterfeit Princess is well made but only finished on one side. The other side is dull. The ribbon on an authentic Princess is finished on both sides. The ribbon on some counterfeit Princess Beanies is also slightly wider than the ribbon an an authentic Princess. 6. The stem of the rose embroidered on the chest of a counterfeit Princess may be slightly wider and fuller than the stem of the rose on an authentic Princess. 7. The swing tag on a counterfeit Princess can have several flaws including uneven width of the gold border around the tag, incorrect red color and incorrect or off-center spacing of the writing inside the yellow star. Note: It is possible for a Princess itself to be authentic but to have a counterfeit/replacement ribbon and/or counterfeit swing tag. Since the value of a Beanie Baby decreases so markedly when it has no swing tag, counterfeiters have been known to acquire authentic Princess Beanie Babies without their swing tags and/or ribbons and then add the counterfeit ribbons and tags to bring the value back up.
Value:Coming Soon!
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