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SpongeBob FrankenStein Beanie Baby

SpongeBob FrankenStein Beanie Baby
SpongeBob FrankenStein Animal Details
Name:SpongeBob FrankenStein
Introduction Day:August 31, 2005
Retirement Day:November 23, 2005
Poem:(inside right) SAME GAME: SpongeBob's doodle drawing in the episodeFrankendoodleis referred to as Spongedoodle, DoodleBob, and Doodle Boy ! SPOOKY: SpongeBob erased SpongeDoodle to stop his reign of terror, but forgot to erase one of SpongeDoodle's arms. This allowed SpongeDoodle to redraw himself and start trouble all over again ! None
Additional Info:(inside left) SUPER ABSORBENT TRIVIA: The main character in the episode,Frankendoodle, is a parody ofFrankenstein!
Value:Coming Soon!
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