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SpongeBob PinkPants (Variant 1) Beanie Baby

SpongeBob PinkPants (Variant 1) Beanie Baby
SpongeBob PinkPants (Variant 1) Animal Details
Name:SpongeBob PinkPants (Variant 1)
Introduction Day:August 31, 2006
Retirement Day:December 27, 2007
Poem:(inside right) WATCHA WEARIN' ?: SpongeBob typically wears a white shirt, tie and brown trousers ! IN THE PINK: Although SpongeBob usually wears white briefs underneath his pants, he's also been seen wearing blue, green, red and even pink (under his wrestling trunks) ! There is also aUSA exclusive version of SpongeBob PinkPantswith a different swing tag. The style number is the same on the UK and USA exclusive versions. TheUSA exclusive SpongeBob PinkPantshas a special 14th generation swing tag with a pink, "cancer awareness" ribbon printed on the front. The 14th generation UK swing tag on the UK exclusive version does not have the pink ribbon on the front.
Additional Info:(inside left) SUPER ABSORBENT TRIVIA: In "The Chaperone" SpongeBob dons a tuxedo when he escorts Pearl to the prom !
Value:Coming Soon!
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