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Color Me Beanie (Variant 4) Beanie Baby

Color Me Beanie (Variant 4) Beanie Baby
Color Me Beanie (Variant 4) Animal Details
Name:Color Me Beanie (Variant 4)
Animal:Unicorn - Birthday Kit
Introduction Day:September 2, 2003
Retirement Day:July 16, 2004
Additional Info:The Color Me Beanie Birthday Kit unicorn came in theBeanie Babies Official Club (BBOC) Kitfor the year 2003. This kit was a clear plastic case containing a Color Me Beanie unicorn, six assorted water soluble, color markers (to color the unicorn), a paper party hat to color, a party horn and a BBOC membership application card. In 2003, the BBOC Kit contained any one of four different animals; the unicorn,a bear,a cat, ora dog. The bears were available wearing one of five different color ribbons. The cat and dog came with collars and the unicorn came only with its good looks.
Value:Coming Soon!
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