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Mystic (Variant 1) Beanie Baby

Mystic (Variant 1) Beanie Baby
Mystic (Variant 1) Animal Details
Name:Mystic (Variant 1)
Birthday:May 21, 1994
Introduction Day:June 25, 1994
Retirement Day:June 17, 2005
Poem:Once upon a time so far away A unicorn was born one day in May Keep Mystic with you, she's a prize You'll see the magic in her blue eyes !
Additional Info:There are four different versions of Mystic with style #04007. Brown horn, coarse mane (swing tag 3rd and 4th generations) Brown horn, fine mane (swing tag 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations) Iridescent horn, coarse mane (swing tag 4th and 5th generations) Iridescent horn, rainbow mane (swing tag 5th generation) A redesigned version of Mystic (style 40785) was introduced in 2009.
Value:Coming Soon!
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